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About the Artist

Storytelling through the visual medium of art is inspired by personal life moments and something that infatuates me. Having worked with Christo and Jean-Claude on the Running Fence project thirty years ago, I have long appreciated the conceptual underpinnings and the importance of process in an artistic project that exists within a social sphere. Though I was a protégé of Joan Brown during my U.C. Berkeley graduate study, it was her teacher, the equally renowned Bay Area Figurative master Elmer Bischoff, who encouraged my “diaristic” approach in painting. Overcoming the two-dimensional reality of the canvas to encompass the story, altering and reconfiguring people and objects -- the details of their lives -- allows me to represent the quirkiness between the lines. The space between the abstract and the representational is where my art thrives. I am brazen about pattern and bold with color using both aggressively and expressively in color combinations. Surface and material considerations are deliberate and inform how I choreograph the interplay of the paints on the canvas and the multi-dimensional articulation of my subjects. With technology’s “globalization” of culture, and the digital techniques impacting the world of all things visual, my roots in painting have now grown to incorporate electronic, including social, media elements, and installation as can be seen throughout my Global Women Project series.

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