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The Global Women Project

evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:


Global Women Project Summer 2012

Here we are to share what’s happened over summer 2012 and the current status of our portrait subjects and GWP team members.



1. Nadine’s portrait is well underway. 2. A continuation of the artist’s process of thinking in relation to world events and the project’s progression. 3. Rossana’s preliminary digital sketch has been finalized between Rossana and Jennifer; work on her painting has begun. 4. Off the coast of Key Largo, FL 60 feet beneath the ocean surface Sylvia sits with Fabien Cousteau in an underwater cafe in the Aquarius Reef Base discussing the need for ongoing funding for this underwater sea floor habitat. 5. A beautiful, hand designed, bejeweled bouquet from the recent wedding of one our GWP collaborating artists, Maece.

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