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The Global Women Project

evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:


Summer 2014

It’s been a busy and exciting year following the exhibition last summer of our project in progress at ICASTICA: the first European International Women’s Art Biennale in Arezzo, Italy. ICASTICA was held simultaneously with the 2013 Venice Biennale. Two pieces from the Global Women Project are now part of the civic collection of the City of Arezzo shown at their Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Global Women Project is an evolving cycle of multi‑media portraits chronicling influential women from around the world and their commitment to social, political, and environmental change. I recently completed one more painting in my Global Women Project Series: Rossana that joins Soula Saad’s completed portrait.

Rossana Castrellon is Panama’s former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, an international trade and market management attorney (ex: Harvard Law), and an advocate for free K-12 private education throughout her country. She embodies femininity with her sensual, vibrant, and compassionate heart and exudes strength and determination having raised a special needs child as a single mother. She remains a positive force in her county as an innovative leader on education and an example of the grace and balance required to maintain harmony between home and work.

Soula Saad is a Beirut-based independent documentary filmmaker and recipient of the 2010 Women’s International Film & Television Showcase Foundation Best Documentary Film Award. She is currently working on a film about female artists, writers, and musicians around the world called Femininetude.

My portrait of Nadine Al Bedair, media personality and human rights activist in the Middle East is nearing completion and the portrait of Sylvia Earle, oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, is currently in progress. An upcoming interview with Sally Ride Science will soon take place on our sixth portrait subject, American astronaut Sally Ride.

I would like to thank our numerous collaborators and sponsors for their contributions and support. For a complete list of our collaborators see our link at the top of the page.


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