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The Global Women Project

evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:



Held in the Dolomites of northern Italy, Biennale Arte Dolomiti is the first biennale situated at such an astounding height, 2116 meters above sea level. Through the wide array of art-media employed including painting, photography, prints, installation, video projection, dance, performance, music and architecture, Biennale Arte Dolomiti is a celebration of artistic and creative ideas, where 39 internationally renowned artists from 19 countries explore the themes of freedom, love and compassion juxtaposed against violence, annihilation and conflict. The various art-media used gives texture and dimension to this dynamic exchange.

Cibana di Cadore Aerial of Fortress

Fortress _Cibana di Cadore_JAK
The choice of the Ex Caserma Monte Rite as the event site was a conscious choice made by the cultural association Biennale Arte Dolomiti. Promptly situated in the Dolomites, an official UNESCO Heritage site, the Ex Caserma has gone from being a military barrack in both world wars to the site for cultural gatherings. Its serene appearance does not give away its yesteryears of bloodshed and turmoil during the war in the Dolomites; rather, what remains is a peaceful emblem of humanity and overcoming of hostilities.

For Biennale Arte Dolomiti, the Ex Caserma is symbolic. Set against the great Dolomites, it urges us to move away from hostility and conflicts stemming from the artificiality of a global society and instead, to consider the sanctity of nature reflected by this breathtaking location.

In this sequestered location away from the bustling cosmopolitan cities of the world, where peoples have once diverged in culture and ideology resulting in pandemonium, Biennale Arte Dolomiti demonstrates how art today can serve to unite a diverse range of perspectives and ideas from all over the world.


Featuring a foreword and statement by art historian Gabriella Daris and Curator Peter Frank. This book is the culmination of the 10-year “Global Women Project” debuting at Biennale Arte Dolomiti May 29-Oct.2,2016

Book_JWKinstallation Arte Dolomiti with projection_JAK(1)

Book_JWK_Overhead _VM squared upJK(1)

GWP Book Clam Shell copy-1

The book is a series of portraits of women around the world who are influential in their respective areas of the globe, all who have worked to improve their social, political and physical environments across all borders as well as to the deep sea and out into the stratosphere. Metaphorically, the book of the project on exhibit in the Dolomites represents reaching great heights at this juncture.The purpose in doing this as an art project is to offer inspiration and hope to multitudes of women throughout the world, through an array of art mediums including this published work and ACCOMPANYING VIDEO:

For book inquiries see Artists Corner in the left column. Below: Limited Edition Print included in the Hardbound Art Edition

12 We Are Here print photo with signature

A select few additional installations from artists around the globe. For more of a look see my posts titled TOP OF THE WORLD (at this print 1-4)

Photos above credited w/FROL many thanks Franco Oliveri and book photo’s Visi Cano-Mooradian

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