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The Global Women Project

evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:



In 2016 the just published GWP Book signified the culmination of a 10-year project celebrating influential women around the world and exhibited at the first Biennale Arte Dolomiti with a thematic limited edition print “WE ARE HER(E)” symbolizing as a metaphor the GWP having reached great heights.

Photograph by Franco Oliveri

The metaphor continues in the second Biennale 2018 with the legend invoked by the Rosengarten Mountain Range of the Dolomites celebrated for their alpenglow – the rosy reddish glow only visible after sunset or before sunrise. The legend is referenced in a second limited edition print “IT’S GOOD TO BE HER(E)” and depicts roses inspired from the legend of the dwarf King Laurin who had cultivated a magnificent rose garden at the foot of the mountains but left a curse to hide the Rosy glow from all. Famously, the curse had not included twilight, the magical time of “in- between- ness” — when alpenglow is born and seen.

The metaphor of the Dolomites’s rose garden, signifying something marvelous and also mysterious. The legend’s reference to ‘in-between-ness’ in space and time, emphasizes the idea and metaphor of “interstices” — the crucial tiny spaces that intervene and allow borders to be crossed, thus enabling new thought and powerful creations to be generated.

IT’S GOOD TO BE HER(E), is presented by the ongoing Global Women Project — an evolving cycle of female multimedia portraits by Jennifer White Kuri who have worked to improve their social, political, and physical environments. Northern Italy’s Dolomites’ unique aspenglow, its interstices, are the metaphor for crossing a border to new thought, the essence of the art in Kuri’s Global Women Project..

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