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Art Basel Miami Beach

3 Days 3 Nights in Miami

I’m in Miami for Art Basel this week taking in as Karen Rosenberg from the New York Times put “the cornucopia of art, hedonism…” and just be a sponge. Feel like I have seen 1/1000th or 1/1Mth. Every sense is triggered and having soo much fun. I love Miami and have lived in Miami Beach a few times before in my life. When I was little and again later with my daughter.

I spent an afternoon with Glenn Albin, a favorite of mine, catching up, carousing NADA. It was at the historic Deauville Beach Resort with views right on the water – a green you never see anywhere else. A wonderful lunch off the beaten path: Buenos Aires Bakery and Cafe.

Best meal yet was at fratelli Lyon driade and spent a good deal of time there as torrential rains took Patricia Mendoza and I inside. We salivated  over the eye candy of the Miami Design District and Design Miami.

We had come from the De la Cruz premiere (35K square feet art space). In a true Rosa touch with half the world there on jet lag, she served incredible Cuban coffee in a cart at the entrance so you were zippy to take in the enormity of the collection. It was a  magnificent, aesthetic, coherent experience that left us complete.

The Sagamore brunch hosted by Marty and Constance Margulies, (Margulies Warehouse) Martin and Cricket Taplin who own the Sagamore Art Hotel, and most of Miami’s Museums. It was the height of taste, and world art charm. I reconnected with Lorenzo Rudolf and his wife and reminisced about the early days when we were setting the seeds for Art Basel Miami.

Another favorite meal was an invitation to Carpaccio by  great friends Susan and Marc Abrams for the debut of Lanvin in the USA, at Bal Harbour Shops.

Unpacking all these great materials I realize why I am so glad I went. I have literature and magazines on art from every corner of the world. Its a moment where the world comes to you and you vicariously time travel around the globe. The Global Women project deserved this…and SHE got it.

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