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evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:


The Women's Conference

The Minerva Awards

Having started the Global Women Project in 2007 I became aware of what Maria Shriver was doing in Long Beach California with The Women’s Conference that she founded. I was stunned last night when I attended the awards to see the exponential and magnificent growth.

I woke up with the quote from Kathy Hull, “How can you put the price of a life on a child?” It made me think of the comforting children hospital for terminal illness that she founded. I was riveted by Agnes Stevens with her School on Wheels and intention of helping every homeless child in America.  (1.5 million in the USA alone)

Others who received awards: The incredible work of Jane Goodall and her Roots and Shoots. Helen Wakauzoo’s Friendship House and her wonderful effort with the Native American people and trials they face. It was wonderful to see Alicia Keys, a young woman, making such a strong statement with Keep a Child Alive. Having grown up like many others with Caroline Kennedy, it was almost surreal to be in the same space with her. Her public service and emphasis on the importance of educating our children is tireless.

I have been really thrilled to have added the third portrait subject into my series, Rossana Castrellon, who was the former deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Panama. She has since devoted her life to the education of children in Panama. She is associated with and operates five educationally based organizations, with her very favorite Sisters School work.

I know that they all need help in their endeavors and I hope anyone who has spare time will further investigate these women’s work.

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