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The Women’s Conference 2010

by Andalee Motrenec

Frames Illustrated by Jennifer

Jennifer is attending the 2010 Women’s Conference hosted and created by First Lady of California, Maria Shriver. Shriver has announced “A Women’s Nation,” as a new project that will look at “the status of America women.” She also produced “American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver,” about her father who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

Jennifer will be attending two more intimate sessions with former First Lady Laura Bush and Deepak Chopra. Laura Bush has made advancement in the areas of education and literacy by establishing the semi-annual National Book Festival in 2001 and encouraged education on a worldwide scale. She also has advanced women’s causes with  The Heart Truth campaign and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Chopra is a renowned author for mind and body health, quantum mechanics, spirituality, peace, and leadership. He founded the Chopra Center for well being. First Lady Michele Obama due to her recently scheduled trip to California will now be attending as a guest speaker as well.

The five outstanding women that will be winning the Minerva Award this year are Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Day O’Connor, Carolyn Blashek, Oral Lee Brown, and Sister Terry Dodge. The guest performer will be Mary J. Blige and Sarah McLaughlin. The word Minerva’s root meaning is taken from a roman goddess of “poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic and music.” The goddess’s powerful figure makes her an appropriate representative award for these women who have had a profound global influence.

Oprah Winfrey’s lifelong dedication to the education of women, programs for women afflicted with AIDS in Africa and economic prosperity has put her at the forefront of a global outcry for change. Information about Oprah can be found on her website. Sandra Day O’Connor is an advocate for research on Alzheimer’s, independent judiciary and a robust constitutional democracy. Her website is dedicated to educating students about civics and “inspire them to be active participants in our democracy.”

Carolyn Blashek’s, Operation Gratitude, is the largest support organization for US soldiers to receive care packages overseas. Oral Lee Brown adopted an entire first grade class at Brookfield Elementary in a struggling area of Mississippi Delta. Brown adopts 20 to 25 children in the Oakland school system to help them succeed educationally every year. The Oral Lee Brown Foundation provides educational assistance and scholarships for children. Sister Terry Dodge is the executive director of Crossroads Inc. an organization that gives women released from prison housing, education, career and counseling so that they can transition back into the world.

Each of these women have had a powerful hand in repairing families, and making a success of youths whose environments put them at a disadvantage. We look forward to honoring them at the Women’s Conference with a global voice.

You will be able to link directly to the conference to watch live on Tuesday Oct. 26 8AM-7AM at

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