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International Womens Day

2 comments to International Womens Day

  • Gabriella

    In Italy where only 6% of board members are women, women are becoming more vocal about their rights. Thousands rallied last month across Italy to protest Berlusconi’s perceived sexism. But here is the catch: women don’t have to lose their femininity to become leaders in the workforce. Emma Marcegaglia, the head of Italy’s main business lobby and president of the Confindustria Business Group, in an audience full of top executives, was introduced to the podium by Berlusconi as a “good looking chick”. Marcegaglia told reporters at the Rome event that she didn’t mind being told she was attractive “as long as it wasn’t an excuse not to carry out the important economic reforms we ask for.”

    • Global Women Project

      Thanks Gabriella..I’ve been following this Italian uprising of women on the behavior of said leader and was glad to see they are taking a stand. I agree as well that women do not need to sacrifice their femininity to lead`and in fact would be a shame to do so.

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