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The Global Women Project

evolves from my desire to bring awareness through painted portraits of influential women from around the world. The blog is intended to share their contribution to humankind and inspire or motivate society towards an improved quality of life. To view the project's progress:



Global Women Project


ICASTICA, the film, is now available for viewing on IMDB. No password is necessary.

The video screen has the standard controls so the viewer can select full screen mode. There is also a quality tab that comes in view (upper right of video screen) when placing the cursor over the video screen. There are 3 choices: Standard, 480P, and 720P HD. With our connection speed with wireless the 480P setting delivers a nice full screen image without any issues.

Rossana Castrellon is Panama’s former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, an international trade and market management attorney (ex: Harvard Law) and an
innovative leader in Panamanian education. Rossana raised a special needs
child as a single mother; her now-adult son still lives with her.
 She is currently lobbying for free K-12 education throughout Panama.


Dr. Sylvia Earle is a world-renowned oceanographer waging
an increasingly public struggle to expand awareness of maritime
ecology and its central importance to the health and survival
of humanity. Her work has garnered hundreds of awards
nationally and internationally – including the coveted Technology Entertainment & Design (TED) prize in 2009 – and she currently
serves as National Geographic‘s Scientist-in-Residence.


Women’s rights activist Nadine Al Bedair is the host of the weekly Arabic television show Etijahat for Rotana Media Services. She is ardently fighting for women’s rights throughout the Middle East, including the right to drive in Saudi Arabia.


The Global Women Project’s – First Portrayals installation and opening night exhibition of a work in progress. This ten-year project celebrating the effect 13 women have on their respective cultures, countries, and regions, was conceived by artist Jennifer White Kuri. “First Portrayals” reveals stage one of this multi-phase exhibition. Kuri explains, “It is a social as well as an aesthetic project.” From the video interviews to the photographs of essentials – the building blocks shaping their lives, the final work weaves many multimedia elements into a powerful installation, with the finished portrait being the highlight.


Desktop Diaries: Sylvia Earle